Member Benefits Subscription

Your initial consultation with us is always free!  But if you want more help and savings (of time and money!) take a look at what our membership offers! 


  • Check-Up Calls:  2 additional in person or on-line meetings to keep you organized and on track. 
  • Anytime Advice:  Unlimited emails/chat/calls/text communication.   There are no limits and no dumb questions (we’ve heard it all)!   We’re professional sounding board with 10+ years experience.
  • Helping Hand:  Customized suggestions based on your budget and style; we recommend vendors who will be a perfect match for your wedding.
  • Savings:  We save you time, money and many headaches!  We have qualified the vendors we work with to keep everything going smooth for you. 
  • Reduce Stress:  We check in a week before your wedding to calm any last minute jitters! 
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